Web3Learn in association with Aptos presents an exclusive Aptos Fellowship program, providing comprehensive training in the Aptos ecosystem.

This program focuses on writing Aptos Smart Contracts, advanced topics, and project development, leading to potential startup launches or industry placements.

Join us to become a skilled Aptos Developer and explore the world of decentralized applications and blockchain technology.


What will you learn?

In this program, you will embark on an exciting journey to explore the world of Aptos—a groundbreaking blockchain platform.

You'll discover the evolution of Aptos, including its connection to Libra and Diem, and gain an understanding of how it differentiates itself from other blockchain solutions. Delving into the core of Aptos, you'll learn about its consensus mechanism and the parallel processing capabilities of the Aptos Block STM.

The program also delves into MoveLang, the programming language used in Aptos, providing a quick overview of its syntax and base concepts.

With the Aptos CLI, you'll be equipped to create accounts, fund faucets, transfer coins, deploy contracts, and even mint NFTs. Explore the Signer Type on Move—specifically the "address_of" type—and delve into the nuances of resources, understanding the differences between resources, objects, and abilities.

You'll also get hands-on experience with the Aptos SDK, learning how to install it and exploring counter examples.

 Who is this course for?


Content of this course

Introduction to Aptos

  • What is Aptos?
  • Who developed Aptos (Aptos Team)?
  • Libra and Diem: The story of Aptos Evolution
  • How is Aptos different from other layer 1 blockchains(Aptos vs other)?
  • Aptos Consensus Mechanism
  • Aptos Block STM(Parallel processing

Introduction to Movelang

  • Quick overview of all the base concepts
  • Syntax definition

Aptos CLI

  • create account
  • fund faucet
  • transfer coins
  • deploy contracts
  • mint NFTs
  • Signer Type on Move: address_of
  • Resources on Move: Diff bw Resource & object & Abilities
  • Resources on Move: Accessing & Acquire
  • Resources on Move: Full Example Complete
  • E2E App ?

Aptos SDK

  • Install
  • Counter Example

Aptos Indexer

  • Intro to Aptos Graphql playground
  • Fetch Data: Some simple queries

Build Projects

  • Build projects with fellow developers.

How does this course work?

What is the outcome?

Who will teach this course?


1. How long is the duration of the cohort ?

The cohort will run for 8 weeks - 6 weeks of training + 2 weeks of project building

2. Is it going to be Virtual or in-person ?

Given Web 3.0 is global and since we are catering to global audience, the Cohort will be Virtual

3. What is the process to get into the Cohort ?

Fill in the form below, provide as much information as possible. We will get back to you in 1-2 weeks if you have been accepted into the Cohort.

4. What is the selection process for the cohort ?

We are looking for individuals who have coding experience and background whether Web 2.0/Web 3.0 and deep passion to learn Move programming language and build on Aptos

5. Who will be the Trainers of the Cohort?

The trainers are industry experts building projects on Aptos, who previously participated in Aptos Hackathons and taught at Developer events.

6. How many hours of classes will be every week?

The classes will run on Monday/Wednesday/Friday for 2 hours, a total of 6 hours/week

7. What is the time commitment for the project?

We expect the developer to dedicate at least 20 hours per week in learning and building projects

8. Is the course paid?

No, the Fellowship program is completely free for developers.

9. What other support do we receive?

We are actively working to get Bug Bounties and problem statements from the projects in Aptos Ecosystem. We will keep you posted on the exciting things in the coming days

10. Any other questions

If you have any question that has been not been answered or found, write to us at learn@web3learn.io

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