Privacy Policy

Web3Learnrespects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. This Privacy Policy(the “Policy”) explains the types of information collected by Web3Learn when you use the Platform on how we collect, use, share and store such information collected and also explains the rationale for collection of such information and the privacy rights.  If any information you have provided or uploaded on the Platform violates the Platform Terms, Web3Learn may be required to delete such information upon informing you of the same and revoke your access to the Platform if required.
Web3Learn has taken reasonable precautions as per applicable laws and implemented industry standards to treat Personal Information as confidential and to protect it from unauthorized access, improper use or disclosure, modification and unlawful destruction or accidental loss of the Personal Information.

You may be allowed to access and view the Platform as a guest and without creating an account on the Platform or providing any Personal Information; Web3Learn doesnot validate or takes no responsibility towards information, if any, providedby you as a guest, except as otherwise required under any law, regulation, oran order of competent authority. However, to have access to all the featuresand benefits on our Platform, you are required to first create an account onour Platform. To create an account, you are required to provide certainPersonal Information as may be required during the time of registration and allother information requested on the registration page, including the ability toreceive promotional offers from Web3Learn, is optional. Web3Learn may, infuture, include other optional requests for information from you to help Web3Learnto customize the Platform to deliver personalized information to you.
Web3Learnis the controller of Personal Information that it collects and processes inconnection with the use of the Platform and the provision of the Services onthe Platform.  “PersonalInformation” shallmean the information which identifies a User i.e., first and last name,identification number, email address, age, gender, location, photograph and/orphone number provided at the time of registration or any time thereafter on thePlatform.  Weonly collect information about you if we have a reason to do so — for example,to provide our Services on the Platform, to communicate with you, or to makeour Services better.
We use/processyour information to provide services on our platform and also to improve ourplatform and maintain safety.

Mostly, when you delete any of the information provided by you or whenyou delete your account, on the Platform, the same will be deleted from ourservers too. However, in certain cases, we will retain your information for aslong as it is required for us to retain for the purposes, including for thepurpose of complying with legal obligation or business compliances.
Further,please note that we may not be able to delete all communications or photos,files, or other documents publicly made available by you on the Platform (forexample: comments, feedback, etc.), however, we shall anonymize your PersonalInformation in such a way that you can no longer be identified as an individualin association with such information made available by you on the Platform. Wewill never disclose aggregated or de-identified information in a manner thatcould identify you as an individual.
Ourbusiness changes constantly and our Policy may change from time to time. Wemay, at our discretion (unless required by applicable laws to mandatorily doso), email periodic reminders of our notices and conditions, unless you haveinstructed us not to, but we encourage you to check our Platform frequently tosee the recent changes. Unless stated otherwise, our current Policy applies toall information that we have about you and your account. We stand behind thepromises we make, however, and will not materially change our policies andpractices making them less protective of customer information collected in thepast without your consent.

If you have anyquestions about this Policy, wish to exercise your rights, have concerns aboutprivacy of your data or any privacy related grievances in respect of thePlatform, then please register your complaint with a thorough description viaemail to