Web3Learn is rolling out the first of its kind offline Solidity Smart Contract Engineer cohort which will run for 6 weekends in Bangalore.

The course duration will be a total of 60 hours + which includes learning to write Smart Contracts, advanced topics, and building multiple projects.

At the end of the course, launch your own startup or get placed in the industry


No prerequisites are required. Prior programming language is helpful

We will rollout two sessions for folks to catch up on Java Script before the session. So, don’t sweat!

What will you learn?

Learning Solidity and how to build dApps can be daunting. There is so much content out there, but no structured approach to learning Solidity from Zero to Hero.

In this program, we are creating a Structured approach to help you learn the basics of Web 3.0, Solidity, write Smart contracts, build dApps and help you build multiple projects to make you industry ready.

In this course, you will get hands-on experience on how to architect, build and scale a Web 3.0 app on Ethereum along with building an application that is secure from hackers.

At the end of the course, you will walk away with at least 4 projects on your GitHub along with a production-ready application that you can showcase in your portfolio.

Above all, you will make valuable connections and lifelong friends with Web 3.0 developers, believers, and potential co-founders

You will have the skills to get placed in the industry or launch your own startup.

 Who is this course for?

Anyone who is looking to develop dApps on Ethereum

Content of this course

Introduction to Web 3.0, Blockchain

  • Introduction to Solidity
  • Solidity Programming


  • Ethereum Architecture
  • Variables,
  • Inheritance,
  • Implicit conversion,
  • Explicit Conversion,
  • Cryptography,
  • Call back


  • Constructor
  • Receive Function
  • Fallback Function
  • External
  • Public
  • Internal
  • Private
  • View and Pure


  • Building ERC 20 (Fungible Token Standard)
  • ERC 721
  • ERC 721A
  • ERC 1155
  • AMM (UniSwap V2)
  • Lending (Collateralized Lending)
  • Vaults (Decentralized Crypto Safe Storing)
  • Staking (Depositing Tokens into Contract for Yield)
  • Flash Loans (Borrow Crypto without Collateral)
  • Other projects

Advanced Solidity

  • Delegate Calls
  • Factory Smart Contracts
  • Smart contract Upgradeability etc
  • Gas Optimization

Security and Scaling Solutions

  • Basics of Smart Contract Security
  • Basics of Zk Rollups
  • High-level features of ZkSync 2.0
  • Basics of Polygon ZkEvm


  • Architect and build a Web 3.0 app from scratch with a team of developers

How does this course work?

Live Sessions in Bangalore
Project Support and code along with Fellow developers during the program
Expert and AMA Sessions

What is the outcome?

Who will teach this course?

This course will be taught by veterans in the Web 3.0 space. We are constantly adding more trainers, experts but our trainers are renowned developers working with Polygon, EPNS, UniSwap and other interesting projects